FEMRAT Meets Fortesa Latifi

"What is it about your homeland that makes incorporating it into your writing so necessary?"

-It is one thing I can always know about myself. I'm Albanian. I'm from Kosovë. This is my tradition. This is my life. I can't understand my world without understanding this part of my identity. 

Finally. Believe us, we share your sentiments. The second installation of FEMRAT's conversational series featuring a woman, warrior, Shqiptare, is long overdue. The editing process is often a frenzy of deleting footage of no real value, but with Fortesa Latifi, we were left mending the wounds of the unedited shots that would never make it to the final cut. Her words are so carefully crafted that they have become a staple in bookshelves of those lucky enough to have discovered Fortesa Latifi, and the collection of poems in her first book, This Is How We Find Each Other. 

Hailing from Drenicë, Fortesa emulates the region's tenacious character. Her persistent bravery in her craft reminds us at FEMRAT, of her fellow Drenicake, Shotë Galica. Get to know this woman, warrior, Shqiptare, down below (watch in HD on Vimeo).

You can buy Fortesa Latifi's book This Is How We Find Each Other here.

Visit Fortesa Latifi's Tumblr for exclusive new poems at www.madgirlf.tumblr.com

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Alba Veliu

Alba Veliu is the founder and director of FEMRAT. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Political Economy, and hopes to continue her career in academia at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, where she will be relocating to in August. As an Albanian-American soon to be based in Sweden, she always keeps her eyes open and her feet moving. She listens more than she speaks, and always smiles at strangers. She loves scribbling ideas and stories into her decaying journal, sunflower fields, and her fiancé.