Note To A Man

                                                                                Illustration by  Megi Xhafaj   

                                                                              Illustration by Megi Xhafaj  

Note To A Man is a poem written by Megi Xhafaj 

Some time ago, I tuned the channel to a television program, here in Albania, where I live, where the topic of conversation was about the relationship and equality between men and women. There were several men featured as guests, and throughout the entire program the specific wording used to describe women was equal to that of an object. Even when the conversation shifted towards women's rights...the dialogue was all wrong. For the first time in my life, I felt weak. Here I was, sitting in front of my television unable to do anything to stop the inequality which was unfolding before my eyes. My soul protested, and I recalled the words of my mother, "Never tell yourself you need a man. Find that strength within yourself." 
I decided to release myself from the anger asphyxiating my entire being, and write this poem. Art is the most peaceful means of protest against the often oppressive standards of society. Let a woman be free. Let go of your pride as a man. Let go of society's conventions, and the right choices will be within your grasp. 

This is to you
And to what you always do
You bring violence to her 
You abuse

You destroy her, slowly
You just think you got the right
To take everything she holds tight
To break her like you always do
To link her only to you
To tell her how to dress and behave
To treat her as your own slave
To tell her what is right and wrong
To show her who is strong
A woman got the strength
A woman got the power
She may look simple
Maybe you see her as a flower,
only fragile and beautiful to see,
but in reality she stings like a bee
She is a woman

She is a daughter
She is a wife
She is a mother
She is a hero
She got superpower
She finds strength in the pain
She brings a rainbow after the rain
She wants the chain to be broken
And her words to be spoken