nuse, a haiku

nuse is a haiku written by Alba Veliu

Many Albanian women are going to be called “nuse” by one person or another in their lifetime. "nuse, a haiku" is not about the word "nuse", but rather everything that comes along with the marriage complex in Albanian society, at home, or in the diaspora. Still dominant in Albanian society today, is the idea of the social conditioning of young girls for marriage.“Dera e huj, moj nuse” or in one word or another “Stranger's home, bride” is a phrase that many young, Albanian girls hear in their adolescence in regards to their boyfriend/fiancé/husband's home, and which becomes very detrimental in our society. It ends up leaving a realm and a conception that the married Albanian woman is no longer a “part” of the household she left behind for marriage, but nor is she fully accepted in her husband’s home, leaving her as a refugee of sorts, if you will. 

Serve. Speak. Do not speak.
You are not in your own home,
But you left your home.


Alba Veliu

Alba Veliu is the founder and director of FEMRAT. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Political Economy, and hopes to continue her career in academia at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, where she will be relocating to in August. As an Albanian-American soon to be based in Sweden, she always keeps her eyes open and her feet moving. She listens more than she speaks, and always smiles at strangers. She loves scribbling ideas and stories into her decaying journal, sunflower fields, and her fiancé.