ILLYRIA is a poem written by Margaritë Camaj

I used the title “ILLYRIA” for this piece because I find it to be ironic how the roots of where we came from sounds feminine. This is a birthname that we have given many of our women, but we, to this day, still find ways to confine the Albanian woman. Illyrians were developed previously. We even had a Queen, Teuta, at a time where there were not a lot of women ruling, if any. I am unsure where we went wrong. However, I do not only point fingers to the men, but I also point fingers to the women. I feel like we, the youth, play a big part in this. We have choices. We can create change and fight for equality or we can continue our detrimental ways. It is up to us.

I have seen them become less human to satisfy
another human as if their own self wasn’t enough.
As if they had extra bones to give away.
As if they had an extra heart somewhere inside of them.
As if they were going to be given another set of hands because in this life,
they were guaranteed to get wrinkled before they age.
It was as if they were never meant to hold a pencil.
As if they were not strong enough to think,
but they were strong enough to take commands.
As if their mind was too weak to form opinions on their own.
As if their dreams had another lifetime.
As if they had to live this life for another
because they would be reincarnated in the next.
I have seen them waste the human life too easily,
and sometimes, not by choice.       

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